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Family owned and operated.
Three generations team up to create your cake fantasy!
Together we can make your event memorable with an unforgettable Kosmic creation!

Kosmic does weddings like no other in Texas!  
Our couples may choose a different flavor for each layer from our 51 delicious flavor choices, and they are treated to a freshly baked top tier on their 1st Anniversary at no charge!

Meet Nikki and Trey Bennett enjoying their wedding cake creation!

               North Texas Cake Show Winner!
Hidden Scene cake creation takes 1st Place in Division and 1st Place in Wedding Cake for her division (4/26/15).  Designed and created by Kristy Tuttle (Kosmic Cake Artist), this is the second hidden scene cake she has created!  These cakes are perfect if you'd like to combine your wedding cake with his groom's cake!  :)
With a hidden scene cake you have the opportunity to show off your uniqueness as a couple!  The front of the cake is classic & traditional and the back of the cake simply comes alive!

When a hidden scene cake is placed on an automatic (slow) spinner, you should see the looks on your guests faces when the back of your cake is exposed!  Priceless!!

Committed to creating one of a kind centerpieces
for your special events!

Each cake is carefully designed and decorated
with individual attention to every detail!

Check out our Minion's coming in at 3 feet tall!

Cakes Decor is an organization with over 28,000 baker's worldwide!
This Minion creation made not only their Top 3 on 8/10/15, but won their Facebook Fan Favorite award as well!

Did we mention we love what we do!
Gravity Defying Cake brings smiles!  Meet Olaf!

What to do when you have 2 celebrations in one day?
Kosmic specializes in Double Sided Cakes!  Check a few out!

Super Hero's and Princess Dreams
Click image to view video!

Strawberry Shortcake & Tennage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Click image to view video!


See our feature in "Slice" by American Cake Decorating on 11/10/15.  Link here: